Quotes on Bullying That Will Make You Stop & Think

Everyone has been exposed to some form of bullying in their lives. It's a problem of epidemic proportions



10 Amazing Near Death Experiences

It’s always fascinating hearing about near death experiences. No matter which side of the “Is their an afterlife” fence you sit on, I you’ll be amazed to read about these amazing near dearth experiences from the following 10 people. 10. Carson Higgins The Near Death Experience (NDE) of Carson Higgins is unique in that instead […]

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5 Secrets to Family Success

Raising a growing family is tough. By the time you feed the baby, get older kids off to school, and make supper, you might feel like you have nothing left to give by the time the whole family is together again. Just like any relationship, you have to work on your family relationships to keep […]

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26 Quotes About Fake People

A fake person is a hypocrite, liar and will turn on you in instant, when you’re no longer advantageous to them. Do you know anyone like this? Here’s our look at the best quotes about fake people. Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your […]

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The 10 Most Famous Jazz Musicians

Who’s the most famous of all Jazz musicians? I personally love Miles Davis and John Coltrane, however, who would you classify as the most famous or even the best of all time? We’ve put together our list of the the most famous jazz musicians. Do you agree with our list? 1.  Louis Armstrong Born August […]

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10 Cutest Cat Breeds

Following on from our recent post on the funniest cat quotes, we bring to you our collection on the cutest cat breeds on the planet and even the universe. 1.  Munchkin Never heard of this breed? Well, that’s because it’s a fairly new breed. These cats have a personality that differs from the average cat.  […]

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32 Long Distance Relationship Quotes

How do you make a long distance relationship work? How do you keep the spark, the romance and the love going when you have that great chasm between the two of you? Perhaps the answer lies in the following 32 quotes. Enjoy And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth […]

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10 Bizarre Psychological Disorders

A mental illness is serious, and in no way are we poking fun at the suffering that these illnesses cause. The fact is, our brains are powerful beasts, and sometimes the wiring gets a bit crossed causing some unusual or bizarre psychological disorders. Here is a list of  the 10 most unusual mental illnesses. 1. Cotard […]

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35 Quotes About Forgiveness and How To Say I’m Sorry

Why do we humans have trouble asking for forgiveness or just saying, “I’m sorry“. Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes. Physiologists say finding it hard to apologize is an effort to protect a fragile inner self. Perhaps that’s true or perhaps we just lack someone to lead us the way. So here we are […]

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33 Of The Funniest Quotes About Cats

We all know how funny cats are. They’re hilarious! My husband says they’re evil but I think they’re clever, cute and downright entertaining. That’s why we have 5 of them, to my husbands disgust Here’s my list of the funniest quotes about cats on the web. Hope you like them. If animals could speak, the […]

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34 Good Life Quotes

Are you looking for some good quotes about life. Search no more. We’ve put together 34 of the best. Enjoy My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: riding a bike to the library. Peter Golkin One ought, every day at least, […]

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