10 Korean Foods You’re Missing Out On

In the last few years, there has been one type of cuisine that has been becoming increasingly popular. Korean Food. For years, it remained lurking in the shadows due to people’s lack of understanding for both the food and the culture.

While Korean foods are now very popular there are still many people who are reluctant to try this cuisine. If you are one of these people, here is a list of ten Korean dishes you are definitely missing out on.

10.Hangover stew

Hangover stew

Who doesn’t need a stew that cures hangovers? Just as Western cultures have their own hangover remedies (that usually do not work) the Koreans have their own too, accept it is known to work.

Hangover stew is composed of some more mainstream ingredients such as beef broth, bean sprouts, cabbage, and radishes, but it also features some potentially unappetizing ingredients for Western diners such as chunks of congealed ox blood. Don’t be afraid though! The taste of the stew is quite good, and it does a great job of clearing up a foggy, hung-over brain.

9. Haemul Pajeon


Everyone enjoys pancakes, right? Haemul Pajeon is the Korean version of a pancake. However, this delicious dish is not typically served with maple syrup and butter. In fact, it is not typically that sweet tasting at all. Tradition Haemul Pajeon are made to be slightly crunchy and are served with shellfish or a wide variety of other seafood along with fresh vegetables.

This dish is perfect for someone who is interested in starting to try Korean foods, but is hesitant of some of the more “exotic” dishes.

8. Ox Bone Soup

ox bone soup

Ox Bone Soup is another great dish for someone to try who isn’t looking to get too adventurous in their endeavors with Korean food, but want something delicious to eat. This soup’s broth has a signature milky white color that it receives from the ox bones it is made out of.

If you are very hungry this dish is probably not the best choice for you, the ingredients are very few, there is only a few slices of meet, scallions, and noodles. This dish is made to be cheap, to warm a dinner up, not fill their stomachs up for a long day of work.

7. Gopchang


While delicious, savory, and one of the more popular dishes in Korea, Gopchang is not for the feint of heart. Gopchang is a dish made out of the small intestines of pigs or cattle. The dish can be cooked several different ways such as grilling or sautéing and occasionally it is even made into a soup.

The dish has a very earthy taste and while most assume it will be rubbery. However, if someone who knows what they are doing has cooked it properly, the dish will just be slightly chewy.

6. Kongguksu


Kongguksu is a smooth, cold noodle dish that is great for the summertime. The first time you taste it you may think it is rather dull dish. However, it is a dish that over time you will come to love and crave.

This dish is made out white soybeans and traditionally topped with cucumbers and sesame seeds. If you are looking for something vegetarian friendly, cool, and low calorie this is a great option.

5. Bingsu


Bingsu is one of several popular dessert items that Korean menus have to offer. This dish is traditionally served in the summer time and is made with sweetened red beans and rice cakes served on top of a bed of shaved ice.

As with most desserts there are other versions of this dish that include ice cream or syrup, but the traditional Bingsu is simply sweetened red beans, rice cakes, and shaved ice. It is a delicious and not very fattening treat.

4. Nakji bokkeum


Everyone loves some octopus, right!? This dish is what most people would imagine when thinking about Korean food. It is spicy, exotic, nutritious, and if you are brave enough to try it, you will find it is also delicious.

Nakji bokkeum essentially is octopus stir-fried with vegetables in a chili paste sauce as well as, chili powder, green peppers, and chili peppers. Essentially, this dish is for people who love spicy food.

3. Kimchi


Kimchi may seem daunting at first, but if you are brave enough to try it, you will be rewarded by its delicious taste. This dish is made primarily of fermented cabbage or even young radishes and radish stalks. It is combined with a variety of spices to ensure it will have a nice kick to it. Kimchi is served at almost every Korean restaurant as a side to whatever main course has been ordered

2. Kimchi Jjigae


Kimchi Jjigae is similar to Kimchi in that it uses kimchi as a main ingredient to make a variety of different stews (jjigae). Just as popular as kimchi is by itself, kimchi jjigae is an extremely popular main dish for lunch and dinner. The dish is made by combining cabbage kimchi with tofu, pork, and other vegetables and typically served over freshly cooked rice. Once again the dish may not smell good to the novice Korean food eater, but take the plunge and try this dish!

1. Galbi


What is the most popular Korean dish you could be missing out on? Galbi of course! Galbi—roughly translated as rib—represents not only some of the tastiest Korean food, but the most delicious barbeque in the world. This dish can be made of any meat (pork, chicken, beef) that is marinated in a combination soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and various spices to taste and then grilled.

If you haven’t tried Galbi and you love BBQ food, go to your nearest Korean restaurant right away.