19 Business Tools for Better Teams

Need to reinvent the way you do your team does business? Want to get better results and ROI? Here are 19 tools from Forbes, the Huffington Post and All Business that you can use to improve your team’s performance:

GetSatisfaction: Want feedback? A great customer community platform you can use to connect to your customers? On GetSatisfaction, you can talk to your users, ask for honest feedback and offer technical assistance with remarkable ease.

SurveyMonkey: Need to know what your employees have on their minds? Or maybe you want to launch a new product, logo or design and want a gauge on how receptive the public would be. You can do that with SurveyMonkey. Create surveys, do your market research and know what your customers like. Plus, it’s free.

Trademarkia: There’s nothing like the embarrassment of spending thousands on launching a new product or logo, only to find out your infringing on someone’s else copyright. Spend that money right by doing your research first. With Trademarkia, you’ll find out if the logo design you have is fresh and original or if someone has already beat you to it.

Blue Jeans: Get them to work on remote. With video conferencing solutions, you and your team can work anytime, from anywhere, around the world. Blue Jeans, a provider of video technologies, has solid market presence in the world, from SG to the UK to the Blue Jeans network NZ. With systems like this, keeping in touch is simple and easy.

Yammer: Want to create a kind of social network for your work contacts? This one helps you keep in touch with your professional network. It’s private so you can all collaborate, share files and discuss anything without fear that anyone invited is going to crash the party.

HubSpot: Want an inbound marketing system that gives your team SEO support? That’s HubSpot. Whether it’s about leads or marketing automation, you and your team can learn use a lot of handy help and tips from this software.

DesignHill: Don’t want to spend thousands on creating a product logo? Head over to DesignHill and create a contest. Pick the one that captures what your product’s brand and tone is all about and you have a winner.

Shopify: Want a great point of sale software? Shopify makes it possible for you to use those extra tablets around to process a sale. No need to invest in a bulky cash register or even costly point of sale machines.

 Trello: Project management can be a pain. But Trello makes it fun. Create and assign tasks. Drag tickets around the board. Share projects with the team. This is one collaboration tool your team will definitely enjoy.

Site Checkup: SEO audits can be expensive. But with the Site Checkup, you have a way of finding out if your site’s speed optimization needs to improve, what’s wrong with your security, mobile usability and more—for free.

AccuRanker: Need to know what keywords to optimize for your pages? Here’s a keyword tracking tool that you can use. Take advantage of it. Optimize your pages to boost site traffic.

Evernote: Want to keep everything organized, at work and at home? This provides you with a platform where you can make lists, take down notes during the meeting or simply bookmark a page you want for future reference.

Wufoo: Need to design forms with a payment application integrated? That’s where Wufoo comes in. It helps you save time and effort by providing you with a way an easy way to get the results you want.

Prezi: Want to share some notes or a project to the rest of the world? Explore the user features at Prezi. Create the best presentation you can and share it!

MailChimp: Generating marketing email campaigns can be tough. Good thing there’s MailChimp. Create campaigns, offers and promos on a great communication platform—start with its free plan.

FollowerWonk: If you think this is just another social media tool, you’re wrong. Use it to find the best influencers on Twitter, the best bios and profiles, compare those with your company’s own and find a way to improve yours based on what’s working for everybody else.

HootSuite: Need a tool that keeps all your social media channels organized? From your FB page and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, this tool allows you to access to all your accounts from just one place.

WordPress: It’s free. You can build a blog to complement your corporate site and basically give your customers another communication platform they can reach you on. Publish posts on thoughts, current events and anything else you can use to identify with your company’s products/services.

Pxlr: Images suck? You can edit your images with this online image-editing tool. It’s easy to use so you won’t have to lose hair, time and sanity over the complicated mess that is Photoshop.

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