5 Smart Finance Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an established, successful entrepreneur, you might have faced so many challenges to reach the top.

However, if you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, you might need some motivation and



With this post, we will try to guide you with some of the most important tips to successfully establish

yourself in the world of entrepreneurship.


1. Make a foolproof plan

With regular plans, you might establish yourself, but with a foolproof plan you will surely established

yourself. However, you should not think that a foolproof plan cannot be flawed. Even a foolproof plan

can be flawed. So, you should have a backup option that gives you some breathing space, just in case

your plan fails.


2. Risk factor

Risk is important for entrepreneurs. If you are not taking a risk, you are probably being funded by your

rich fathers, forefathers or spouse. If that is not the case, you are definitely taking some risk to establish

yourself. If you have worked as an employee for years and wanted to switch to entrepreneurship, you

are still risking your assets to be an entrepreneur. So, risk is definitely important. However, the level of

risk one takes is important. Technically, you need to get your ratios right so that there is no confusion

and the income flow is smooth.


For example, if you are making an investment of $10,000 in a project that will get you a return of

$11,000 after five years, you should probably look for an alternative investment.

However, one should not think that the return of investment and the time period involved is the only

thing that is important to determine whether an investment worthy or not.


Consider this example – You can make an investment of $10,000, and the return of investment is 200%

in one year. Should you blindly opt for this investment? Definitely not! If someone is assuring that 200%

for you, you should know that an important aspect has been overlooked. Go through the proposal;

validate the contract and then take a step forward.


Bottomline: Risk is always there. You should know what risk should one take and what not.


3. Diversification

There is a time to diversify. If you think that the bird is old enough to fly, don’t force the bird to stay on

the ground. Let it fly. However, one should not start diversifying from the very beginning. This can lead

to confusion and make your task even more difficult.


4. Cash fund/ Emergency Fund

Liquidity is important. If you cannot maintain it, you might lose the battle midway. So, make a plan that

allows you to have adequate liquidity.


5. Stay motivated

Motivation is important because it allows you to go on and on.

Books like ‘The One Minute Entrepreneur’, ‘Startup Life’, ‘Small Business: An Entrepreneur’s Business

Plan’, etc. should motivate you to achieve your goal. It might take some time, but read it and understand

the secrets before stepping into the world of entrepreneurship.

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