Be Kind to the Environment and Cut Costs With Video Conferencing

New Zealanders are dedicated to preserving the environment and want to do everything possible to heal the planet we call home. That includes “greening” business practices to make the world a better place. Once way to do that is video conferencing, and many providers, like Blue Jeans, for example, are offering video conferencing in New Zealand.

How Does Video Conferencing Save the Environment?

Before the world became dependent on the Internet, we were dependent on travel to accomplish personal as well as business goals. Leisure travel will always be a part of our lives, but business travel, in many cases, is an activity and an expense we can all cut down on.

The Internet has allowed our world to become a much smaller place in the sense that people from all over can connect without being in the same room together. We have friends we’ve never met on social media networks, and business associates in other countries that we’ve never seen in person. Video conferencing gives us the ability to expand our personal horizons, as well as those that increase our success in the workplace.

If you research the role of video conferencing, one of the most important benefits is the reduction of business travel. The technology forum, BetaNews tells us that video conferencing is an “eco-friendly” way to conduct business because it helps reduce our carbon footprint. Air travel exacts a toll on the environment, not just from the fuel used to power jets, but from the needs of traveling individuals. When you think about all the energy that is expended on a business trip – rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, – besides the actual flight itself, our carbon footprints can be reduced considerably if we just stayed home and planned a video conference.

More and more companies are looking to reduce carbon footprints to not only conserve resources, but to raise their profile among competitors. Not only is being eco-friendly good for the planet, it is a clever marketing tool that will get the attention of other eco-conscious businesses as well as consumers. Everyone is concerned about the affects of climate change, and the global corporate community needs to do its part to show it cares.

Video Conferencing Offers Significant Financial Savings

In addition to being kind to the environment, video conferencing saves money that can be better spent on more important projects.

Besides the environmental impact of business travel, there is a financial impact as well. Business travel is not inexpensive; it normally cannot be planned very far in advance, making it more costly than leisure travel. Add in the costs of those rental cars, hotel rooms and meals, the cost of short business trips adds up. Moreover, travel from New Zealand can be even more costly, given its distance from its closest neighbors.

Businesses that engage in regular video conferencing are able to allocate funds that would normally be spent on travel to other, more important expenditures. Things like higher employee compensation and other perks can be achieved if a company’s travel budget is kept to a minimum.

Productivity Will Increase

Today’s technology allows people to get to know each other very well, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. Video conferencing puts names and faces to voices, and makes colleagues engage with each other more effectively than over the phone or on e-mail.

Telecommunications giant LogiTech believes that video conferencing has many applications. Companies can easily have management meeting with supervisors in various locations (without travel expenses), and it can also be used to make presentations to prospective clients that might not be located nearby.

Marketing organizations use video conferencing to roll out campaigns on local, national, and global levels with greater ease, because all involved parties no longer have to be in the same room together.

Despite the distance between colleagues, they manage to get more done because a video conference ensures that they all meet in the same place at the same time. There is also less of a chance to get bored or distracted because your attention is focused on a video screen, rather than just a voice or a written communication.

Work-life balance has been shown to improve if a company regularly adopts video conferencing, according to Lunarpages. Again, the need to travel less means employees get to spend more time with their families, and do not stress over things like weather and logistical delays that could extend trips longer than necessary.

The sooner we embrace modes of technology that benefit ourselves, as well as the world we live in, the happier we will be, and the more productive we will feel. The role of video conferencing is evolving right along with the latest tools we use to make our lives better. Every time the world gets a little smaller, we discover something positive that makes us feel even more connected.


  • Steve Dosan

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