Who invented school?

WHo invented school?

School has a long history. To attribute its invention to just one person would be difficult. The history of a school can be traced back to ancient Greece when groups of students met in main learning area. The kind of schools in ancient Greece were called academies. Around 385 BC was when the term academy became well-know when, scholar Plato, developed a school of philosophy near an area called Akademia.

The universally known education system was created by the Byzantine Empire circa 425 A.D. The schools were usually primary and were required for military personnel. The Greek philosophers would discuss many random topics including the “meaning of life.” The Byzantines wanted students to be taught specific subjects such as, Math, Philosophy, History and Language. Unfortunately, school systems ended with the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 A.D.

Islam also contributed to the invention of school. The Islamic culture put a great emphasis on knowledge and learning. This emphasis paved the way for a systematic method of teaching. At first, learning took place in Mosques and then around the 9th-century schools called Madrassa were launched. Towards the end of Ottoman’s reign, all inclusive facilities were built to offer learning to all. These facilities would house mosques, madrassas, dining quarters and hospitals. There is an immense connection between the Islamic facilities and today’s modern schools.

An individual attributed with “inventing school” is, Horace Mann. He is said to have started a school system too. He was born in 1796 in Massachusetts. He was an exceptional college professor and eventually president of the college. He taught Latin and Greek. However, there were a lot of schools and education systems already in place before Horace Mann, but he can be attributed to starting and contributing to the Normal School System in Massachusetts around 1838.

Another man said to invent school was, Harry P. School. Around 1369, Harry started congregating neighborhood children who were misbehaving and shut them up in a building. He eventually hired adults to watch the children and parents liked the idea. So, while Harry P. School didn’t have much to do with educating children, the idea of having children come to a central location to give them something to do could be credited to him.

It is difficult to come up with just one person who invented school. There are many individuals and cultures that have contributed and made education what it is today.