John Kerry Plastic Surgery

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

One of the most popular presidential candidates in the past years, John Kerry has been one controversial figure. Many democrats and democratic news followers know about John Kerry’s highs and lows in the political arena, and he might just not be done yet. In the middle of all of his controversies in office and in his love life, Jon Kerry is apparently a lover of plastic surgery as well.

John Kerry’s New Facelift

Prior to 2012, John Kerry looked like the typical man in his late 60s. He had very prominent forehead wrinkles and under eye bags. As a long-standing politician, this is not uncommon, especially for those in the sun or changing to harsh environments over time. However, in 2012, John Kerry became a little more smoothed out and toned up. His forehead wrinkles were a lot less noticeable and his jaws went away nearly completely.

Facelift to Get Back Into the Political Game

It is likely that John Kerry had a facelift procedure during this time. It is not odd that John Kerry is one of the politicians who resorted to plastic surgery. Looks and age have a lot to do with how well you are perceived by the public and after a 2004 run that was unsuccessful, he might have wanted to play again.

Botox and Facelifts

Along with a facelift, Botox appears to the on the ticket with John Kerry as well. His eye bags and wrinkles are not as noticeable as they once were. Botox is an easy procedure and a quick fix that can happen as often as necessary. In order to remain the same face that the voters are used to, John has likely had a number of procedures to help with keeping his face the same.