Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

julie bowen before after plastic surgery

Beautiful blonde-haired people are not a new thing for Hollywood; however, beautiful women stepping out in Hollywood to do comedies instead of drama is a new trend. Julie Bowen is one of those women who stars on a comedy show to keep television watches in stitches every week. Julie Bowen is a star on the show “Modern Family”.  As a mom on the television show, Julie Bowen looks young enough to be a sister rather than a mother on the show.

Breast Implants or Breast Lift?

Julie Bowen has done some modifications of her looks, much like many other blonde-haired people in Hollywood. Plastic surgeons have stated that it looks like Julie Bowen has had breast implants. The roundness of her breasts and the fact that they have only lifted over time, lends credence to the fact that Julie Bowen has likely had implants or a breast lift. Her breast surgery has given her a look that is still natural, yet noticeable.

Changes to Julie Bowen’s Nose over Time

Julie Bowen has made changes that are more noticeable to her nose. Her nostrils no longer flair in their own characteristic way during her smiles, which means she may have had rhinoplasty. Julie Bowen in her 40s has a different nose than she did when she first stepped out onto the scene. Her nose is now smaller and completely straight with little nostril flaring. This procedure has caused the most difference in Julie Bowen’s face, along with the smoothing of wrinkles with Botox.

As an actress in Hollywood who appears to keep getting better with age, Julie Bowen is likely keeping up her good looks with the help of a plastic surgeon. As a star next to Sophia Vergara on the show “Modern Family”, she may feel the need to compete with her beautiful co-star, and keep up with her looks in any way necessary.