Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After


Once a beautiful Miss USA, Kenya Moore is never without controversy. She has been an experienced television personality and model, and now resides on The Real Housewives of Atlanta where she continues to make waves. Many people see her has a villain on the show, however the one thing that is obvious about Kenya Moore is that she has always been a pretty woman.

Changes from Miss USA

During her tenure as a Miss USA, Kenya had a slender body, much like many contestants. As the years have gone on, she seems to have developed some assets and features that are different from her pageant body.  Most notably, Kenya now seems to have a larger butt than she previously did.

One of the reasons that the butt roomers are so scandalous, is because Moore has made fun of her costar, Phaedra Parks for having a larger than average butt. Her spats with Phaedra are famous but her changed body tells the tale that Kenya has likely changed her looks as well with butt implants.

Subtle Changes to Her Nose over Time

Kenya has always had a pretty face, and as a former major beauty contest winner, there are photos of her everywhere. It appears that at some point, Kenya has changed around the look of her nose. This nose change was ever so slight, but noticeable and created a narrowed tip. This surgery was likely performed to give a more slender look to the nose and to enhance the overall bone structure of Kenya Moore’s face. Though she denies these changes, keeping her looks up is clearly a priority for this television star. It is likely that she has gotten a few nips and tucks to keep up with the changes.