Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before And After


Nicki Minaj is well known for her antics, especially showing off her body and her colorful way of dressing. There are photographs of Nicki Minaj before she reached her height of fame as a female rapper with Young Money. The photographs have a much different look, which increases the rumors that the rapper has had plastic surgery.

Nicki Minaj Gets a Breast Job before Fame

One of the procedures that Nicki appears to have done is breast implants. She has never stated whether she has had breast implants; however, Nicki Minaj used to have a chest size that was around a B. Now, the star sports breasts that are a full D cup, and possibly more. This large change has stoked the fire on the rumors that this famous rapper has been going under the knife.

A Possible Nose Job

One of the most controversial and harder to prove rumors about Nicki Minaj is that she has had a nose job. The star claims that contouring and makeup provides her with the eccentric makeup looks that she is so fond of wearing. Nicki’s nostrils and nose bridge have apparently been slimmed down since coming into the eye of the media. Nicki denies this; however, the similar makeup looks before and after show, a difference in the nose that says otherwise.

Are Booty Rumors True?

The anaconda star loves to show off her curves, even including her famous butt on the photograph of her newest single. Her butt is nice, round, and perfect in everything she wears, which is a telltale sign of plastic surgery. Many other rappers and fans believe that the star may have gone under the knife to get her famous derriere enhanced. Her new “Anaconda” cover shows a perfectly shaped butt, which is likely, thanks to a very good doctor.