Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – How to Avoid a Plastic Surgery Nightmare

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There are many cases of plastic surgery gone wrong; however, going under the knife can be a necessary procedure. Plastic surgeons are able to repair organs that are vital to human function and save lives. However, this form of surgery is not foolproof and many patients experience complications due to botched procedures.

A surgeon may try to convince that there is no risk involved and that plastic surgery is as simple as going to the doctor for a checkup. This notion is patently false. More and more lawyers have been able to make their living off plastic surgery related lawsuits and almost a quarter of plastic surgery patients report wrongdoing from their surgeon.

Some of the complications patients experience include leaky implants that do not stay still, an adverse reaction from the body, damage to organs and tissues, excessive removal of skin and in extreme cases, even death.

In such cases, the patient is on the hook for higher medical bills, as additional procedures are needed to fix the problems. It’s possible they may require the services of a lawyer. Patients who’ve experienced a less than satisfactory plastic surgery often have severe pain, emotionally and physically.

So how you can avoid these plastic surgery nightmares, while still looking your best? There are a variety of factors to consider before opting for plastic surgery and you should exhaust all of the appropriate options prior to scheduling a plastic surgery procedure.

There are several natural and herbal remedies that can be used instead of deciding on plastic surgery. Perhaps these remedies will not work, but considering the sky high costs of plastic surgery and the enormous amount of risk involved, it’s well worth your while to give them a try before contacting a plastic surgeon.

If you come to the conclusion that plastic surgery is a must and that you are willing to take on the risks involved, then there are certain steps that should be taken before choosing a plastic surgeon. Patients who wish to avoid becoming the latest victim of a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong would do well to heed the following tips.

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1. Thoroughly Investigate Your Surgeon’s Credentials

Unless the surgeon who is going to perform your surgery has been certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery, do not hire them under any circumstances. Many patients have made the error of hiring a surgeon who is less expensive because they do not have the certification. They end up spending more money in the long run to hire lawyers and have additional procedures done to fix the mistakes.

Finding this information out has never been easier. A prospective patient only has to go to the American Board Of Medical Specialties’ official website and search for the doctor. It’s also important to make sure the doctor’s board certifications are in plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons are simply doctors who have been certified in other medical areas who are moonlighting for extra money.

From a legal standpoint, any doctor is able to perform a plastic surgery, so this knowledge is crucial. However, a surgeon who has been board certified is guaranteed to have at least three years of general surgery training and two years of plastic surgery training. They are also required to pass a battery of written and oral exams, in addition to a mandatory written test every decade.

2. Find Out The Surgeon’s Track Record

Researching a surgeon’s track record is a simple process that can save you a great deal of time, money and frustration. Accessing this information is also exceedingly easy, as each surgeon’s history of malpractice lawsuits, as well as any disciplinary actions taken by the state’s medical board are listed on the website of the state board.

One quick trip to the appropriate website can save a patient from hiring a plastic surgeon who has already botched a job or come under investigation from their state’s medical board.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

A top notch plastic surgeon is one who understands your fears and is honest and forthcoming. A surgeon who is standoffish and unwilling to assuage your nervous feelings is not someone you want to trust with such an important task. Ask the surgeon how often they perform the procedure you are considering.

You will also want to know if the physician you choose is the one who is going to perform the entire procedure. A plastic surgeon who requires assistance is not considered a quality hire. Asking if the surgeon has hospital privileges is another way to weed out potentially poor doctors.

Hospitals are known for conducting strict background checks, so if the physician does not have hospital privileges, this is a colossal red flag.

4. Multiple Surgeries Come With Increased Risk

If you meet with a surgeon and they suggest that you receive multiple procedures, be very wary. The doctor does not suggest these procedures as a favor to you, they do so because they receive more money if you follow through on their suggestions. A physician who lacks ethics has no qualms about pushing you in the direction of additional cosmetic surgery.

Doctors who recommend several procedures at once usually do so without regard for the patient’s physical or mental well-being. Unfortunately, money can be an extremely powerful motivating factor. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to bring a relative or trusted friend with you during your initial consultation so that they can give you an objective opinion about the surgeon’s abilities. Remember, you don’t want o end up being another case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

  • This plastic surgery gone wrong stuff is awful. The lady in the photo looks like a burn victim. In way this lady reminds me of Jim Henson’ s muppet named Janice. Sometimes I wonder if people who have too many cosmetic surgeries are finally satisfied somehow, when that final grisly surgery happens. It’s like these people are out of control! There are times when plastic surgery is necessary though. The information here is beneficial for everyone.
    You are right. It is best for everyone who is considering plastic surgery and everyone who will be getting plastic surgery, they need to get a physician/surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
    In addition, everything that you said was right. Great post!