Top 10 Things to Do in Budapest

Whether you are backpacking Europe, or going for a romantic gataway with your significan other, Budapest is definitely the place to visit. The Magyar capital, known for its beautiful women and city sights, has everything a turist can desire, and also it will never fail to amuse its locals.

1. Termal Baths

One thing which should be on the check list of every traveler is a visit to the termal Baths. Hungary is rich of geothermal power and its bath houses are famous in Central Europe. The Széchenyi medicinal bath, which is actually the largest one in Europe, is one of the most beautiful ones in town. It is located in the heart of the city centre, very close to the city park, and it has many different pools and services, for about 20 euros per daily ticket.


2. Spa party

One cannot mention the termal baths without mentioning its Saturday night parties. The Széchenyi baths, which is normaly a quiet, peaceful place during the day, on Saturday night it becomes an open air disco. Laser lights, music, hot water and a lot of fun are what make the Széchenyi Spa Party a must for every youngster in town.

3. Ruin Bars

Bar culture is something that is deeply rooted in the veins of the Magyar capital, and ruin bars proove it. Szimpla, the 3rd best bar in the world according to Lonely Planet, is the original ruin bar and it is a must for every turist to go and have a few drinks there. Ruin bars have all their own peculiar lock, which can be from the extravagant atmosphere that Szimpla offers, or the trendy and cozy feelings that the brand new Mazeltov offers. In the last ten years ruin bars became one of the cult things which characterize Budapest, offering not only a cool place to have a drink and a chat, but also serving as cultural hotspots with their various programs.

4. Eat, Eat Eat!

Eating is one of the most important parts of a journey, it is impossible to fully understand a culture without trying the local food, and also let’s be honest, everybody loves a good, fresh tasty bite. Gulash – Gulyás in Hungarian- is probably the most famous Hungarian dish, and Budapest can proudly say to have the best restaurants for it. Of course no restaurant will make gulyás better than any magyar nagymama (Hungarian grandmother), but some places do get really close to it. However, if you are in a hurry or you just left one of the many night clubs, the must try street food is “Lángos”, fried doe which is usually served with sour cream and or cheese.

Hungarian cusine in general is very peculiar and fat rich, and Budapest is filled with excellent eating out spots where you can try everything. Whether it is a Michelin star filled restaurant or a small street food shop behind the corner, you will never be disappointed. Budapest can pride it self for its rich choice of restaurants, whether you are looking for local food or for a new multiethnic experience, in Budapest you will be able to satisfy your taste buds, and most likely for a very cheap price.


5. Visit the Museums

There are many museums around the city which are not only beautiful to look at, but they always offer something extrimely wonderful to your eyes. Museum entrances are never expensive, and if you have a student card you can get in for half price.

6. Take Your Time To Relax

Budapest is a vibrant city that never sleeps, however it can still offer many opportunities to enjoy some quiet time. If you don’t like the baths, Budapest has still many other relaxing options for you. Andrássy boulevard, which is a UNESCO patrimony, is a wonderful place to take a relaxing stroll. Located right in the heart of the city, Andrássy is a marvelous place to see some of the wonders wonders the capital offers, such as the Opera Theatre, or the famous Oktogon Square. Margaret Island is also an excellent place to relax. With its large surface, tennis fields, running track, outdoor theather and much more, it is the perfect place to relax, alone or together with your friends.

7. Tram Number 2

The Danube River is one of the most spectacular sights that Budapest can offer, during any time of the year. Tram Number 2 that goes along the Pest riverside, from the beautiful Margaret Bridge untill the far suburbs of the city. During the tram ride it is possible to admire all the wonderful sights of the city which are close to the river, such as the Parlament, the Royal Palace, Gellért Hill, and much more. According to National Geographic, the tram route number 2 is the 7th most beautiful tram ride in the World.


8. Enjoy your time out

Budapest is always awake and always offers something to do. During summer it is a must to go to Park, an open air concert hall, which offers all the best current Hungarian live music and more; not to mention all the festivals that the city hosts such as the uber famous Sziget Festival, or Budapest Essential, or the Jewish Festival. Everyday in many different venues there are hundreds of events, at least half of them are in English. Theatre, cinema, and exhibitions are also very often in English. You can never get bored!

9. Explore the Secret Parts of the City

Have you read the classic “The Paul Street Boys”? Then you should definitely try to find Pál Utca (Paul Street) and see for your self the famous street, and maybe even take a picture with the statue of the little heroes of the novel. One of the best things about Budapest is to get lost in its little side streets. If you are the city centre you will absolutely love it. Behind every corner you will find something amazing and surprising, in fact the beast eating out spots are right the ones you find by accident while you are lost. Not to mention its statues and murals –whether they are modern one or old- are everywhere, just waiting to surprise you. Moreover, the city centre is fairly small and extrimely well connected with public transport, so even if you get lost you are never really lost.

10. Have a “Unique” experience.

Have you ever heard of Unicum? Unicum is one of the most famous liqueurs, and if you are in Budapest it is a must to go visit its museum. The Zwack Museum, which is located in Pest, hosts one of the most amazing exhibitions you can ever dream to see. Among the various Unicum versions, the Zwack Museum 15,000 miniature bottles of different alcoholic beverages. Unicum is considered to be one of the Hungarian national drinks.