How Virtual Meetings Give IT Companies an Edge Over the Competition

There will always be some companies which fail to keep up with the times, be it failure to appeal to new customers or continuing to use outdated equipment or technology long after everyone else has moved on from them. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors or newly established companies, you don’t want your organization to become one of these. While this doesn’t mean investing in literally every new gadget that comes onto the market, it does mean using technology such as online conferencing to open up your business opportunities. DigitalTransformation predicts that with online collaboration tools dominating the market so much, businesses will need to adapt to them or risk being left behind. These are just a few advantages they can have for your company:

  1. Bridging Connections

Keeping lines of communication open is more important today than ever, especially with more people working from home and more business deals with international companies being required to stay afloat. Some cheaper or older communication methods such as phone calls or letters are too limiting in their outreach. Additionally, not everybody has the written communication skills required for constant e-mailing and letter writing. Business video conference systems for IT such as BlueJeans are designed and developed to be compatible with every device and computer setup in order to make online communication easy and available to everyone. This opens up more opportunities for collaboration, sales, and hiring than ever possible before.

  1. Increased Marketing Options

Older marketing methods such as TV or print ads have become so old and stale that most consumers are turning away from them and they fail to make any decent amount of money. Businesses are looking for new, affordable, and effective means of reaching new customers, and online conferencing provides some key ways to do so. Large scale group meetings make it possible to run seminars to reach core customers, develop a brand name, and increase sale opportunities. Running a product launch or press release through an online conference is also much more engaging and memorable than sending out a document or inviting people to a slideshow presentation. There are many creative and effective marketing options to be found through online conferencing.

  1. Keep Costs Low

Video conferencing software used to be incredibly expensive to install and use, and some companies are still paying for this outdated technology. Like most technology today, cloud based video conferencing is not only good value for money, it can save businesses and individuals on additional expenses, and even generate more profits. There are the lessened travel costs resulting from working from home or meeting clients virtually rather than travelling to meet them. There is the ability to hold a large conference reaching people in their own homes, rather than paying for the expenses of hiring a venue, bringing in guest speakers, and providing refreshments. All of this for the cost of a single monthly subscription.

  1. Improved Productivity

More and more companies are looking for ways to increase their employee productivity and output while making them happier at the same time. An overworked or unhappy workforce results in a lessened and poorer quality output. Conferencing once again takes away many of these problems. There is the ability to work with people in different locations, the ease of making quicker decisions thanks to increased communication channels, and the improved work/life balance from working from home.

  1. Bring the Whole Company Together

ComputerWeekly says that it is all for too easy for people in lower level jobs to feel alienated from their superiors or for employees in branch offices to feel cut off from the main branch. Increased levels of remote working or hiring freelancers can only increase these feelings further and decrease employee morale and connection. Online meetings can solve many of these issues, by allowing everybody to communicate on the same level with everybody’s face in a chat window, rather than having the boss at the end of the board room table. It also allows anybody across the whole company, and even outside of the company, to speak to each other whenever they need to. Even if the entire team works remotely, they can still come together for collaboration and socializing, once again making their work more productive and better quality. It is the next best thing to meeting in-person.

As video conferencing becomes more and more commonplace, you will see that companies which fail to utilize it will be the ones which won’t last as long in the post-recession market place. Using these tools in your business will allow you to not only keep up with your competitors but also to improve communications, boost employee morale, save your business money, reach more customers or clients, and increase profits among other benefits. It is the most essential tool you can find for the modern workplace.